Do you pay for submissions?

Unfortunately, we cannot pay for submissions. This may change in the future, but at this stage we do not have the budget to extend to paid submissions.


I want to submit, but my work doesn’t apply to the theme. Can I still submit?

Normally, yes. Unless the issue submission guidelines state that it is a compulsory theme, we will accept work not strictly adhering to the theme. The themes are mainly to hold the issue together and to give writers something new to work on, rather than submitting old work. While we will accept submissions not related to the theme, keep in mind that theme-related pieces may wind up being favoured.


I have graduated from my post graduate degree and I’m not currently enrolled as a full time nor part time student. Can I still submit?

Sorry, but no. SWAMP is for currently enrolled (postgraduate) student writers. So, you must be enrolled at the time of your submission (if you complete/graduate between then and us publishing the issue, that is fine). If you’ve finished your degree, it’s time for you to get an agent and to start sending your stuff to professional publications that pay money: Good luck!


How do I submit?

Check out the submission guidelines which are linked above. Just make sure your poetry/prose is in a Word compatible file, and we’ll shoot you back an email to tell you we’ve received it as soon as possible.


How long until I get a response?

Our editorial team is made up of committed, unpaid workers. We’re postgraduate students, just like you. As such, we have our own research to perform, writing to do, work to get paid for, and families and friends to try and fit into our schedule. We will inform you if your work has been accepted or not within about 2-3 weeks of the submission deadline.


What then?

We will then perform any minor edits, make any requests to you (for author bios, etc), and proceed to upload and launch the issue…


I am an undergraduate student. Can I submit?

Unfortunately, no. While we’ve all been there, and know how hard it is to be noticed, we are purely here to promote postgraduate Creative Writing. But if you choose to continue your studies to postgrad level, please do keep us in mind!


Will SWAMP be around forever?

This is the plan. But, regardless, SWAMP is archived by the National Library Of Australia’s Pandora Project. It is a government initiative to preserve Australian online publications indefinitely to prevent publications being lost when/if websites ever die.


Who do I contact for…?

Send all emails to [email protected]. The most appropriate person will respond to you. Any website enquiries can be sent to this address, too.


I want to contact one of the authors. How can I do this?

We won’t pass out any email address. However, we will happily forward on your email to the author you’re trying to contact. Send your email to [email protected] and tell us who you’re trying to contact. We’ll do our best to put them in touch with you.


I was published a while ago, but want to remove my piece from the publication. What can I do?

When you submit to us, you provide us permission to publish your work in perpetuity. All rights remain yours, but we will not remove published pieces following publication.