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For the fortune cookie of my dreams
Morgan Gwynneth Bach (IIML, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)



Pack everything, take nothing. Your mind already halfway
there. Practice your name in another language.

Have you ever realised the fortune in smelling
hot asphalt at the precise moment the rain hits it?

You ask for a cocktail and are handed two beers. Lucky
for the man with hair as absurd as a panther in a storm cloud.

Your new silver earrings are still in your ears.
They are drops of rain hammered from earth.

In the morning you’re alive, and travelling alone.
No one looks at you, swimming, and so far from home.



Morgan Bach lives in a little house overlooking the sea in Wellington, New Zealand, where she is currently working on a poetry portfolio for her Masters at the IIML, Victoria University. She has one of the best views from her writing desk she’s ever seen, and can’t believe her luck, really.

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