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Park Bench
Tina Wild (University of Sydney, Australia)



Everyone has a place in this park
a space to sit, escape chaos, to dwell
zest of gum trees, hibiscus halos,
agapanthus lined like pews in a pulpit.

Up top where the birds of paradise crane
nosey necks, there’s the smoochers
shrouded in a cloud of smoke—
all glazed eyes and giggly.

Midway on the slope by the roses and palms
the pigeon lady and her faithful flock gather
everyday at three she scatters seeds
to the clucking clamouring mass

The freckly lady sits upright eyes closed.
Not seeing the God-given green, the tinkling stream.
Willing the world away, her veins unfurl
sturdy roots rich in soil.

At the bottom there’s a stand off –
homeless Les drinking his tinnies
hides in the rockery, tangled dreadlocks
like willow sap hang in ropey strands.

She knows he’s there, the girl with the dogs
hears his slurring, ranting mantra.
In the scrap of sun she sits—oblivious
steeped in spacious botanical breath.



Tina is a writer and editor based in Sydney. She has been published in numerous magazines and online journals including Wellbeing Magazine, Australian Yoga Life and elephantjournal.com. Tina pours her love of language into every project; writing copy for businesses, editing books, adapting books to screenplays, and running creative writing courses. Check out her short stories, poetry, blog and more at tinawild.com.

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