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Ben Egerton (Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand)



          It’s an echo of something,
and a cupped hand to the ear

won’t make a difference.
                    Too much listening

blocks it out,
                    like looking
                    in the dead of night

directly at a silver of star –
                    almost-infinite turning

          Nobody hears or sees
directly, instead there’s a knack to being

          in the right place. Even then it’s best
to glance sideways,

                              or half listen, and let
whatever it is catch you unaware.



Ben Egerton, originally from Bradford-on-Avon in the west of England, is a teacher and freelance writer currently studying for a Masters in Creative Writing at Victoria University, Wellington, NZ. His poetry has featured in Broadsheet (NZ) and at the Auckland Writers’ Festival, and he has written for Education Review (NZ) and the Times Education Supplement (UK). When he’s not writing, he’s often to be found playing hockey or cycling up and down Wellington’s many hills.

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