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A Scene from Rush Parataxis
(a scene from the Canadian plains)
Matthew Hall (University of Western Australia, Australia)


blooding the dogs to sparrow sounds

comparative histories are grey-sky words

smoke signals the corruptor of hawks

and the hunt through milked streams, stillness

the anaesthetic that defies encampment rings

distances not visible in pale aubade light

earthly flesh of information transfer

feints over wilderness inexorable smoke

communication transmuting distance by winds

of migration have spoken grain by grain

on the tangled edge of the prairie

fire consumes all vastness one is broken

into impelled by the drugs of other histories

the ground idylls in rock paintings

well disposed to particular narratives

fenceless lost cultures diurnal

the lexicon of spear grass

totem poles appear ashen in depthless soil

these scalps hanging from my every hand


Matthew Hall has recently moved to Perth and is working on a thesis on J.H. Prynne and the ‘Cambridge School of Contemporary Poetics’. His poetry and prose have most recently has been featured in ditch, Misunderstandings Magazine, Science Creative Quarterly, Cordite Poetry Review and Foam:e. He is working on a book of poetics and a book of poetry based on the radical pastoral. The small, but irrevocable, Brutal Tender Human Animal: Reflections on the Photography of Roger Ballen is available from Trainwreck Press.

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