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No Eulogy for the Undead
Mai Serhan (University of Oxford, UK)



If I unverb you,
               unyellow your fingers,
those Rothmans,
and 100th
I’d untock the ticks
               through winding mountains
where someone told me, “Child,

he’ll soon un-be.”

You’d unslap me
               by a building,
and on the docks
               buy me
t-shirts, one
for the price
                of three.
I’d unblack the words
               in an elevator
from ground floor
to infinity.

                No room
service, still
               you’d unspar me,
and I’d tell you,
unfuck you,
               and we wouldn’t be
writing a eulogy

about love undead
               and boats not bobbing
and a verb
in words left



Mai Serhan is a writer and translator. Her writing has appeared in ArabLit Quarterly, Anomaly, Oyster River Pages, Flash Fiction Magazine and elsewhere. She is a Winter Tangerine and Vermont Studio Center alumna, and a recipient of the Emerging Writer Award from Wellstone Center in the Redwoods, California. Mai is currently pursuing her graduate studies in Creative Writing at the University of Oxford.

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