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coke cans
Scott Lilley (University of Oxford, UK)



coke cans               I say               are far deeper than you might expect               could
contain language all of their own           within their cylinder                 could communicate as
though the charging light of a toothbrush

why                             you ask

why what                             I ask

why does this worry you
            we’re in the car on the way home and you’re picking mud from the treads of your
            boots             examining every mud moulding                             flicking each
            mudshape through the open window as though half eaten apples                         you
            aren’t worried if an accidental stone             playing stuck in the mud             might
            clatter                                                             chip the windshield of the car behind as
            though an intrusive thought             and                       again                                   you
why do coke cans worry you
and I turn and say                           what if
what if what

what if coke cans do have language                     what if coke has language                    what if we
just can’t hear their aluminium screams as we pry open their body                     crack them open
like a coke can                 that the coke only wants to be walking under a solder moon with you
           that it only wants to be having a coke with you                         that it only wants to be
your solder moon                     what if the coke has language

you look at me like you might look at a man who has just inferred coke cans can speak and,
for the most part, this is fine.

(from mynd)



Scott Lilley is currently studying towards an MSt in creative writing at the University of Oxford. He has performed his work at Edinburgh Fringe and Wenlock Poetry festival. His poetry has appeared in Wet Grain, Black Bough’s Deeptime 2 Anthology, Poetry NI’s FourXFour, among others. He can be found on twitter @ScottGLilley.

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