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Red Lobster
Sara Sturek (New York University, USA)



I think of god for the first time at 23
bent over in a Red Lobster bathroom

in Times Square with a hot Irishman
I met off Hinge for a midday fuck. This,

here, is what I do best. Rushed, rough sex
with troubled men is great terrain

for stories. Like the adjacent of meditation
cause my psychic says I love troubled souls,

those who stay at a distance. I finger myself
to the moon, like the suckers I’ve always scorned,

the way you choke me from behind, how each
time I join a firefly orgy I’m hungover

on the R train the next day
wondering when I learned love

was a threat.



Sara Sturek is a Goldwater Writing Workshop Fellow at NYU where she is pursuing an MFA in Poetry. You can find her on www.sarasturek.com

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