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Tuesday in Plimmerton
Amy Leigh Wicks (Victoria University of Wellington)



All night I watered the garden
with my tears, and this morning

rain. The crumpet toasted
with butter and raspberry jam

did not help. The coffee
did not help. If I could be

closer to the moon I might melt
into a crater and wake the clay.

There was a little life in the wind before
the storm passed. I used to live

in a shining dirty city and if I close
my eyes, I’ll remember it wrong.

Time for porridge, time for a walk,
time to wash dishes. Finally I talk

to the finch, who is eating from my neighbour’s
garden, while I fold laundry

one piece at a time, looking straight
past my face in the window.



Amy Leigh Wicks is an American poet from New York City. Some of her recent work can be found in Turbine, Ika 3 Journal, and NYSAI Literary Magazine. She lives with her husband in New Zealand and is a PhD candidate at Victoria University of Wellington.

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