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After Betty Davis
Angie Spoto (University of Glasgow)



When I was his kitchen sink
I’d call the summer rain

When I was his apron string
I’d steep it in a tea

When I was his baseball seats
I’d send it down the drain

When I was his coffee pot
I’d keep it at a steam

When I was his Southside block
I’d cut nails neat

When I was his cotton sheets
I’d take my whiskey clean

When I was his steelworker
I’d build the bridges hot

When I was his Jupiter
I’d wash my hair, repeat

When I was his canine teeth
I’d call the shots, babe

I just wanna be your

Jackpot winner
Sunlight at sundown
Angostura bitters
Velcro shoes


Single malt drink
Pacific Ocean current
Used brass ring

I just wanna be your

Virginia Woolf novel
Skeleton key
Stained glass bottle

When I call the shots, babe
you’d better follow



Angie Spoto is an American fiction writer and poet. She holds a dual Bachelor’s degree in creative writing and business management from Lake Forest College and is completing a doctoral degree in creative writing at the University of Glasgow.

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