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The Money Shot

Well, friends and neighbours, here is the third issue: Money.

At the time of choosing this theme we were thinking about how SWAMP would continue into its second year, and who we could blackmail to finance it; the world economy didn’t enter the equation. Peter Bower thus assures me that my claim to being the Prophet of Newcastle, and having seen the current financial crisis coming from a mile off, is ill founded and not based in reality; it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve tried to claim credit that was not mine.

Again, the submissions were numerous and strong. Some of our writers referenced the theme liberally, while others chose to ignore it completely, as is appropriate – particularly where the filthy lucre is involved. From the apocalyptic New Zealand of Breton Dukes’ ‘The Ticket’, through to the council estate life of Caroline Moir’s ‘Asda’, we are shown what it is like to live on the bottom of the heap and what might happen to those who dwell near the top.

Our poets too, traditionally the poorest amongst even the writing community, have made a big impression in this issue: from Wendy Alexander’s ‘Of a Coin’, down to Matthew Hall’s ‘A Scene from Rush Parataxis’, all the work is well worth checking out.

Speaking of the poor, it has been reported here in Australia that people are staying home in large numbers and going for cheaper options; subsequently, sales in beer, pizza and lottery tickets have sky-rocketed. Or, in other words, the rest of the community is finding out what life is like for writers.

This marks my last issue as editor, as graduation looms ever closer. The eminent Scott Brewer will move into the editorial team. Scott has been an unofficial reader and confidant of SWAMP since our inception. He’ll be joining Peter Bower and Ivy Ireland, who will continue to run the show, with the ever watchful Keri Glastonbury overseeing the enterprise. Their first issue will be coming out in June, with the theme to be announced shortly. Check out the guidelines page for updates.

My thanks to you all.
Patrick Bryson




Published: 13 March, 2009.
Editorial Team: Patrick Bryson, Peter Bower, Ivy Ireland, Keri Glastonbury (Editorial Advisor).