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Surreal, Ethereal and The Real

To be completely honest with you, this issue’s theme was decided on a whim between myself and a few other editors over cinnamon sugar on toast at one of Newcastle’s iconic local cafes. We sipped coffee and scribbled notes while discussing last issue’s submissions and, though Issue 14 was non-themed, we started to notice an underlying motif of surrealism in many of the pieces. At some point I said, ‘Damn, I wish this issue was themed.’ Then, lightbulb moment, “Surrealism, Ethereal and The Real” was born for Issue 15. I’m pleased with the fanciful nature of the writing we received, interspersed with a dose of reality. Because when do our lives ever just fall into either exclusive bouts of surrealism and ethereal whim, or hard doses of reality? Adventurous gypsies suffering the pleasures of wanderlust still need to face up to their dwindling bank accounts. Fantasy writers must come back to earth when it’s time to cook dinner. When do we ever use just one side of our brain? The two ends of the spectrum work together, balance each other.

I’d like to say a short and sweet thank you to our wonderful editors, as usual, and a special mention to the new faces we’ve welcomed on board. Lynette Washington’s (University of Adelaide) piece in Issue 14 was one that inspired this issue’s theme and we were so honoured for her to be a guest editor in the last few months. Morgan Long (University of Newcastle) took a break from baking countless cupcakes and writing about Russian literature to help us out, and Ferne Merrylees (University of Newcastle) was also a treat to have on board given her specialty lies in all things Sci-Fi and creativity. Annika Herb (University of Newcastle) is fresh on board the PhD train and was travelling the globe during most of issue 15, finding dodgy WiFi connections in order to communicate her input. And Malcolm St Hill, who’s been with us for countless issues, thank you as always for your time and expertise.

We hope this issue of SWAMP takes you on a journey to the world of crazy and back again. Enjoy.

Submissions for Issue 16 are now open, until 1 February 2015. The theme is “Nondisclosure;” interpret as you see fit.

Amy Lovat





Published: 30 September, 2014.
Editorial Team: Amy Lovat, Malcolm St Hill, Annika Herb, Ferne Merrylees, Morgan Long, Lynette Washington, Keri Glastonbury (Editorial Advisor).