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Nature vs. Nurture

What is it that makes us who we are? Are we just our genetics, or do we shape our own destinies through the choices we make, the spaces we inhabit?

For years, scientists, psychologists, and sociologists have researched and explored the question of human identity, of what makes us who we are. Though I am not a scientist, psychologist, or sociologist, I like to think that in these contemporary times, the lines between nature and culture, masculine and feminine, real and not real, are continually being crossed, and our understanding of the human experience is moving into areas of grey, rather than simply black or white. In an increasingly posthuman world, the way we see ourselves, and others, is expanding beyond the traditional borders of what we once knew or understood as truth.

In this issue of SWAMP Writing, our 21st, our authors delved into the question of nature versus nurture in imaginative, creative ways. The SWAMP Editorial Board have loved reading all the submissions, and we hope you will, too.

As always, I would like to thank my hard-working editors, Shannon Todd, who took on the role of Head of Poetry, Naomi Borwein, Pamela McLeod, Liz Chandler and Camille Roulière. And, of course, Peter Bower, who always works hard to make the website run smoothly and to get our issues published.

Issue 21 is my last issue as the Editor-in-Chief of SWAMP, and I can honestly say I have had a wonderful experience at the helm of this publication. It’s been a privilege and I’ve loved reading the truly great submissions of poetry and prose that come through for each issue, and working with our talented team of editors. I look forward to reading SWAMP Writing in the future, and I know that there are only better things to come.

Submissions are now open for Issue 22, and will close 1 May 2018! The theme for our next issue is Breathe.

Happy reading, and happy writing!

Nicole Shipley





Published: 15 January 2018.
Editorial Team: Nicole Shipley, Shannon Todd, Naomi Borwein, Pamela McLeod, Liz Chandler and Camille Roulière, Keri Glastonbury (Editorial Advisor).