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Listening to late night radio
Leni Shilton (Southern Cross University, Australia)



To be fair –
she was dressed in a short skirt
To be fair, he might have
tried to resist

It’s a travesty of justice,
hard to understand,
it’s unclear, and not all the fact known.
We asked the neighbours –
some said they were interviewed by the media.

It’s clear the aggrieved were frustrated.
It’s obvious what should be done.
Not sure who will do it though.
Nothing better can ever happen.

But still,
she shouldn’t have been on the train.



Leni Shilton has lived in Central Australia for many years where she has worked as a lecturer, a prison educator and a bush nurse. She is a poet, whose work is published in journals and anthologies, most recently Women’s Work and Art Monthly. She was a guest of the 2013 Emerging Writers Festival. She is currently undertaking a PhD in creative writing through Southern Cross University.

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